Our supporters

SIA “Parka mājas” has a contract with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia on receiving incubation support in the framework of ERDF project No. “Regional business incubators and creative industry incubator”.

SIA “Parka mājas” has built the guest house “Svilpaunieki” in Lūznava, Rēzekne region within project No. 16-01-AL15-A019.2101-000010 co-funded by the event’s “LEADER Local Development Support (Community-led Local Development)” sub-event “Implementing Community-led Local Development Actions” of the Rural Development Programme for Latvia for 2014-2020 with the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.  http://www.lad.gov.lv/lv/atbalsta-veidi/projekti-un-investicijas/paraugi-un-vadlinijas/vizualas-identitates-vadlinijas-(2014-2020-gadam)/publicitates-nodrosinasana-timeklu-vietne/

The website www.svilpaunieki.lv was created with the financial support of the foundation LEARN “For Rural Economy Development in Rēzekne Region”.